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About Us

Climate is a south Indian based firm which is engaged in plantation, trade of different spices in south India.Climate is helping farmers, dealers, consumers by providing best in industry services, guides, and market information. We believe that in the roots of every success is change, inspiration and innovation.

Commodity trading and spices market in India is one of the most opaque, poorly structured and unfriendly asset class for both end users, farmers and investors. Be it the information distribution or inappropriate practices by current market players , getting into commodity transaction is tough stressful play often ending in wrong or sub-optimal decisions.

who we are

Climate commodities is a south Indian based spices trading company with strong local networks in the spices market , engaged in plantation and trading of wide variety of spices throughout India.

What we do

At climate we are set to bring about a positive change in favour of and in partnership with the customers. We are putting back the focus on the farmers and transform the way investors make buying decisions and get support services through out the spices trading process.